Time’s a tickin’

I need a serious kick in the ol’ behind. Again, I having a hard time getting my head into my work. My moods have been up, down, up, down, up, down this weekend. That should count for exercise, shouldn’t it?

Tuesday is the evaluation with the neuropsychologist for Casey and me.

Wednesday is a HUGE day in our family. We are participating in the Easter Seals Walk With Me. Casey is an Honorary Ambassador this year, and we are so incredibly proud and excited. We are collecting donations for the Walk; you can make a secure donation at this site, or you can contact via email (just leave a comment on this post and I can contact you) and we can set something up. I know the economy totally sucks right now, so if you can’t donate, please keep us in your thoughts for a successful walk, good weather, and a fun day.

And the race is on….

It’s back to school for yet another fun-filled semester. I had my first class of the semester last night, and I know that I will be quite busy with this class- Trends and Issues in Literacy. The big project in this class is that I have to write a publishable journal article. Wow. I am going to “work smarter, not harder” (to quote one of my professors from last summer) and gear this project toward my thesis topic: autism and literacy.  Today I spent about two hours researching and found about 21 journal articles to get me started. A couple of the articles I’ve used in previous projects.  Almost all of my research projects that I’ve done in graduate school I have tooled toward my thesis project, and I think I can even use some of the information in my project about dyslexia for the thesis, too.

So, if you know of any good links, information, books, connections about autism and literacy, please send them my way! 🙂

My other class I’m taking this semester is Behavior Management. Gee, I could have used this class when I was an undergraduate student!! I think it will be helpful as a parent, too (wink). I will be learning how to do a Functional Behavior Assessment, and I am looking forward to learning how to do that (yes, I am that weird).

Plus I need to finish my incompletes from the previous two semesters. I will be living at the library during the day. I want to finish all of this work so that I can go into the summer semester with just two classes to worry about instead of all this extra work I have on my plate.

I have to stay focused… I need to learn how to focus…. Wait, was that a bird that flew by, or my sanity that just flew out the window?

Playing catch-up once again

If I’m scarce online for a few days, it’s because I’m trying like crazy to get my homework caught up, and in some cases even ahead. I have a group project to finish up, a research paper to get started, a literacy needs assessment survey to complete, chapters to read, journal articles to review… Did I mention I still have two incomplete classes I need to finish up?

 I was supposed to be volunteering at the boys’ school today, but I backed out and told the teachers I had to get my homework done. I did get one assignment done, found the other articles for my journal article reviews, and I also found the rest of my information for my group project (which I need to synthesize into a PowerPoint format).

Then tomorrow I’m off to a conference on inclusion in Kalamazoo. It’s being hosted by Autism in Berrien County Speaks (or ABCspeaks). Dr. Paula Kluth will be presenting about inclusion. I’m very excited about this conference. I applied to attend on scholarship, and I was selected!

Then, Saturday and Sunday I have class up north in Traverse City. My group project is due Saturday. Plus, I have one journal article review due, and I still have to figure out what I want to do for my research paper.

So, if you don’t see a post from me for the next couple of days, now you know why. 🙂