Don’t ever ask ‘what else could possibly go wrong?’

Today started out as a beautiful February day (wait, we get beautiful February days in Michigan?). I had plans to get my blood work done for my annual physical, and had to be nothing-by-mouth (NPO in medical terms) from the night before until I got the blood work done. I was supposed to have my blood work done on Monday, but I broke my NPO and had breakfast. Oops- a quick call to the hospital lab got me rescheduled for the next day.

Unfortunately for me, the past couple of nights have been rough on my psyche for some strange reason, and I haven’t slept well. When I don’t sleep well, the couch becomes my second bed after the boys head off to school. Today was no exception. I konked off to sleep after I got the kitchen cleaned up after breakfast (and NO, I did not eat breakfast this time! Ha!). So, I was truly NPO by the time I arrived at the hospital for my blood work at noon. Mind you, by this time, it was over 12 hours that I had had anything to eat or drink. I was getting very hungry.

After the blood work, the comedy of errors began. I deposited a check, ran over to the credit union to deposit money into our shared account (long story), then rushed across town where the gas hadn’t gone up in price yet to fill up my van’s voracious gas tank.  While I was filling up my gas tank, I called one of the local pizza places to place an order for a grinder sandwich for lunch. I had thought that since I had put money in my checking account, I would be able to access it right away.

How wrong I was. How wrong I was. I head into the gas station store to pay, and picked up a couple of donuts (hey, I was STARVING at this point) plus a snack bag of peanut M&M’s. I thought “hey, I’ll be able to pay for this with my ATM card with no problem since I just deposited a check.” (insert buzzer noise) I run the card through the card reader. It wasn’t accepted. I try again, and get the same result. At this point, I’m near tears because I was sure I had money in my account. One of my friends that was there in the store offered to pay and I could pay her back, but I declined her generous offer.

I went over to the ATM at the back of the store, and tried to get money from there. I got the ‘insufficient funds’ notice, and at that moment, I started to panic. The tears started, and I was so upset. The store manager and the clerk were so nice and said, ” Don’t worry, we won’t call the cops on you. It’s OK. Just go do what you need to do so you can pay and come back. You can take the donuts and M&Ms with you.”

I search around in my purse for my keys, then I check my pockets. No keys. Guess where they are? They are still in the ignition of my van and the doors are locked. Luckily, I had my remote door opener thingy with me, so I could open the doors. Still… I was not going to utter that question “what else could possibly go wrong?”

I head over to the bank where I had just made the deposit. The teller told me “well, it’s a personal check you deposited, so it takes a little longer for it to clear.” UGH. I was beside myself at that point. I told her what happened at the gas station, andasked if  I  could please withdraw some money so I could pay for my gas. No problem- she gave me my money, and back to the gas station I returned.

This time I made sure I had my keys in my hand, and went into the store to pay for my gas and goodies. The clerk said “I felt so bad for you. It’s OK. I’m glad you got it all straigtened out.” The manager came up and said, “It’s OK, things like that happen sometimes.”

You just gotta love living in a small town for that reason. People actually care.

Now, I finally was able to pick up my lukewarm lunch and head off to my husband’s work so I could eat and check my e-mail.

And luckily, nothing else went wrong for the rest of the day.


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  1. Oh, I hate when they put a hold on a check! A couple of years ago, I took Tim’s check to deposit it at our local credit union service center, where we had been depositing his checks for years. The teller told me there would be a two-week hold on it! I said something along the lines of you’ve got to be kidding me – we’ve been depositing these checks here for 8 years, never had one bounce, and suddenly you’re putting a hold on it? (It was from a local credit union, not like it was an out of state bank or anything.) She said I could call the main branch of my credit union and ask them to put a note on the account that checks from Tim’s company are not to have a hold put on them. Problem solved, but what’s the point of the hold if I can just call the credit union and have them put a blanket “no hold” on it anyway?


    Glad you got everything straightened out – how nice that everyone was so understanding!

  2. We’ve ALL been there one day or another. Especially right now that I’m pregnant. My favorite saying which sums it all up is… “I can’t brain today. I have the dumb.” 🙂

  3. yep we all have been there at some point. It’s okay. Now at least you can look back to that moment and think…at least I’m not reliving that again!!

    Hope today goes smoothly for you 🙂

  4. It’s like a comedy of errors! [without the comedy] Know exactly how frustrating that can be especially the cheques taking longer to clear so I’d have been better off endorsing them to cash them out. Eeek! Still it can only get better, right?

  5. Sad to say, been there, done that, but it was with a long line of people behind me at a self-scan.

    On the check thing, I took an HR block check to my bank once, and they said they had to hold it because I had a -20 debt in my checking. I said “You gotta be fncking kidding?” and the teller said that i needed to get out of the debt or they had to hold the check for 10 days. I told her that’s why I was depositing the check. Still no luck, so I went to another branch with my check and they cashed it and deposited it no problem. I think the other teller was just being bitchy, which shouldn’t but does interfere with the banks policies. I dislike money………….

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