Tasty Tuesdays: Hot Cocoa Mix

Here at The BearTwinsMom’s Den, I’m going to start a new thing for Tuesdays- a running feature for Tuesdays called “Tasty Tuesdays” where I’ll post recipes or food reviews- anything food related you’ll see here on Tuesdays.

For the first Tasty Tuesday, I’m posting my favorite Hot Cocoa Mix recipe. This recipe makes a HUGE amount, so you can make it into pint jars to give as gifts. I can usually get about 11 pints out of this recipe.

Hot Cocoa Mix

10.5 cups non-fat dry milk

4 cups powdered sugar

2- 8oz.ย  French vanilla flavored non dairy coffee creamer

Large container of Nesquick

1.5 cups non-dairy coffee creamer

.5 teaspoon salt

Whisk everything in a LARGE bowl. Make sure it is well incorporated. Pour into gift jars of your choosing.

Directions for gift tags: Hot Cocoa Mix- Mix 3 tablespoons of hot cocoa mix with hot water.

Hope you enjoy! Merry Christmas!!


8 responses

  1. Yummers! And I notice how carefully you didn’t mention how MUCH hot water to put the three tablespoons of mix into… allowing for my favorite milkshake thickness hot chocolate! (you drink it with a spoon :P)

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