Even 3 year olds know who’s best

3 year old SARAH PALIN!!!

This is the most adorable video I’ve seen in a long time. See, even a three year old knows who to vote for! πŸ™‚

My fellow Americans- remember to vote on November 4th!! Watch for upcoming post soon.


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  1. @ ngoldfarb- WOW- and I only knew just a little bit about the Ayers scandal. You really delved into this and have much more info that needs to be known. Thank you for linking this to my blog. And, thanks for coming to comment. I’m sure you’ll be voting on Tuesday. πŸ™‚

    @ FXSmom- I thought she was adorable, too.

  2. @ J- I was freaked out by an OOOOoooooooobama jack o’ lantern. This 3 year old freaks you out? LOL Tensions are going to be high until after the 5th. I still love ya, though.

    @ AB- It’s ok… I know you were joking. You’re still cool πŸ™‚

  3. LOL. She is cute! And it makes me feel a little better….my 5 year olds both recognize the signs for each campaign on sight and alternately cheer or boo for the candidate they know we’re going to vote for. I was worrying a bit that Hubby had gone overboard in teaching them to do that.

    I will be soooooo glad when this is over. Please tell me it’ll be over on Tuesday! And please let’s not have new candidates for 2012 until 2011. Please?

  4. Wow, that link in comment one is crazy, and really full of view spinning. The new “kkk”, that is a disgusting statement to be made. We can all look at our associations and find some bad history. Just link anybody with any religion, or belief, and I’m sure you’ll find some history that that is not pristine.
    The kid is cute, but I really don’t like to see little ones used in this means, since they only know what their parents feed there little heads. This goes for both sides of the ticket.
    But, the important theme in your post, Get out and vote, needs to be shouted from all the rooftops.
    Peace and happy voting.

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