“Don’t Vote”

Today’s it, people. It’s October 6th, and the deadline is TODAY for registering to vote. Please watch this video, then click on the link from Google to show you where you can go register.

Then, you need to send this to 5 other people. BookMama tagged me with this one. So, now I tag:

1. Earnest Parenting

2. Asylum Letters

3. Depression Marathon

4. Angry Ballerina

5. Education for the Aughts


2 responses

  1. Tag…..I’m it…weeee……. OK, lessee, even though I is wegisterwd, fow a wong time now, I will pass this on because I know way too many people who don’t vote, and it’s all the lamest excuse; my vote doesn’t count, they’ll win anyway, no vote-no blame, if I register then I’ll get called for jury duty…..

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