Come Walk With Us!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime family pic you’ll see here at the BTM blog (well, maybe you’ll see more, but I’m protective about my family like that.) This was taken at the Walk With Me on July 30, 2008.

Casey is on the left in his green Ambassador shirt since he was one of the Honorary Ambassadors this year. Kerry didn’t want to wear one of the Easter Seals Walk With Me shirts, nor the Honorary Ambassador lanyard with his brother’s picture on it. Kerry didn’t want to wear the shirt last year or the year before either…. hmmm…

Thanks to all of you who so graciously donated to our team, Casey’s Crew. We raised over $400-ish for Easter Seals this year.

A huge thanks to all the corporate sponsors, the photographers, John Ball Zoo (who knows what kids LOVE), for helping all the walkers have a fantastic time! And of course, a massive thanks to Easter Seals for helping our family over the past three years.

Photo courtesy WXMI Road Crew: Fox 17- Grand Rapids.


7 responses

  1. Wow, it’s amazing how much Kerry looks like you and Casey looks like his dad. You got one each!

    Well done all of you for raising so much money!

  2. Thanks y’all. Actually, Kerry is a complete carbon copy of his dad, and Casey is a copy of me. This picture doesn’t really reflect that well. Many people say that Kerry looks like me and Casey looks like my DH.

  3. Nice pic. Its funny what I see when I look at you versus what you see when you look at yourself. I wish for you that you can see what and who you really are, someone really wonderful. Next time you compare yourself to anyone, say outloud, “I can’t compare myself to _____ because I’m one of a kind”. You really are. We all are. I’m thinking of you!

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