The hardest part of this journey

Yesterday was the lowest that I have felt since March this year. I have not had those kind of dark thoughts and feelings race through my head so rapidly since I made the call to get counseling help (once again) this Spring. I actually had thoughts of cutting myself and I have never cut.

I’m not posting any of this as a pity party plea (so ex-psycho-friend can just piss off right there) nor as a scare tactic. I am tired, alone, and am tired of feeling like this.


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  1. Thanks, la. I’m doing a bit better now. I think I need to print off one of those mood charts. I’ll probably scare the hell out of myself when I see how my moods go all over the place. I have an appt. tomorrow with my therapist. I will be telling her about the jump into the Valley of Blahness (aka Valley of Despair) this weekend. I hope something gets solved soon.

  2. I’ve been there. It sucks. I totally empathize. If I was there I would hold your hand and help you through this. But since I can’t be just imagine that I’m there. Keep us posted. {{{hugs}}}

  3. Notice your mood alert shows ‘invisible’ right now. Clearly that’s not possible as you haven’t consumed nearly enough Tequila for that to have occurred…

    And thus, as you are still visible, joining in for a group hug:


  4. Speaking of psycho friend, the little “apology” person has reared her ugly head after a month of peace and quite and has used my blog bits to slam me as a person and a husband……nice. I love it when people fuck with depressed/mentally scared people then feel all high and mighty. One of the reasons I’m getting out of this blog shit. Contact me as you know how, if you need me, and more hugs to you.

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