In mid-bounce

To borrow (with apologies) from the State Farm insurance agency advertisement campaign, this is how I’ve been:

“You know that place where you feel like the world would be better off without you?

I’m there.”


4 responses

  1. But the world wouldn’t be better off with you. For sure. It’s funny because I am so,… feeling for you right now. I want to protect you and make you better. I think, “Oh my gosh, NO!” because you are wonderful and it breaks my heart to think of you feeling so badly. But, I too, get the same way and when you are in that dark place, .. it’s impossible to… I don’t know. I guess, I know how you feel and want you to know how important you are to your family and friends. Don’t forget that, it will get you through!

  2. Well poo-poo-caca-shit! All my blogging buddies seem to be going through a stall. Get your booty out of that valley. We wuv you and wuv your support you always give us, so I guess it’s our turn to send the good vibes your way.
    Bless you and yours,

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