I’m “Itchy Peach”. Nice to meet you.

My husband is a trumpet player in the Key West Permafrost Blues Band, which is becoming quite a popular band up here in the northern area. He is also the webmaster for the site. He has just added a new fun application where you can generate your own blues name.Β  You can click on the “Generate The Name” button repeatedly until you find the name that you like.

I’m “Itchy Peach Taylor”. πŸ™‚

If you do this, please add what blues name you are in the comments area. It will be fun to see what name you have. πŸ™‚


10 responses

  1. Couldn’t find one I liked so made my own: Hurtin’ Cherry Grant

    Hurtin’ (’tis true nuff) Cherry (’cause ‘o the pits) and Grant (’cause that’s my middle name). thanks fo the fun distraction.

  2. Okay, I had to play it about 10 times…and I’ll probably go back for more! I don’t know…do you think I’m a better

    Senile Cranberry Garfield (aka Crazy Sour Cat!)
    Hurt Pear Monroe
    Colitis Fig VanBuren?

    Love this! Mind if I link to it from my blog?
    Thanks for the fun!
    I think I’m gonna go with Crazy Sour Cat!

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