The cute things he says…

Living with twins is an adventure every day. When one of those twins has autism, it is even a bigger adventure.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the boys have been either best friends or mortal enemies. Some of their fights are knock-down-drag-out, others are complete verbal sparring. The verbal sparring ones usually send me chuckling when Casey has his witticisms thrown in for good measure.

♦ One day the boys were fighting over their GeoTrax toys. The big fuss was over track design. Casey likes to construct his trax as accurately to a freeway design as possible. Kerry doesn’t care; he places his trax wherever he wants. I was playing referee with the boys one at a time, each boy pleading his case. When I asked Casey why he didn’t just work with Kerry, he got an indignant look on his face, puckered his lips in pure upset, and proclaimed, “Momma, I don’t want to collaborate!”  After he left, I started laughing. What other 7 year old would use the word “collaborate”? 🙂

♦ Today the boys were squabbling over breakfast, a frequent occurrence this summer. While Kerry was declaring his superiority over Casey because he “reads more” than Casey, Casey states, “Oh yeah… well, what’s the second tallest peak in the world, huh???”

Life with those two is never dull. 🙂


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