Knocked out

I’m so bloody tired right now I can hardly see straight. I did not sleep well last night, so I told my husband that he was going to be taking the kids to school. I got the boys’ things ready for school, went back to the bathroom, and took a full dose of Klonopin. Now remember, this full dose is supposed to knock me out, right?

According to my husband, when the boys left for town, I was snoring. I swear I heard them leave. In fact, I don’t think I slept at all after they did leave for school. I got out of bed at noon, scrambled to get ready for the day since I had promised the boys I was going to be at their school awards assembly that afternoon. I felt like my head was in a fog, and my spine was a spaghetti noodle.

I got to the school about 10 minutes into the assembly. Kerry was upset because I was late. Luckily, my husband was there sitting with Casey with his class (the boys are in separate classes). Kerry was then upset that he only got one award and Casey got two. Ugh… raising twins is SO difficult.

I’m still walking around like I’m in a fog. I swear I could sit on the couch and fall asleep right now.

My car is overheating, and the air conditioner is not working well. Poor car.. it’s a 1995 Saturn SL1. It’s my baby… my first car I ever bought. I’m afraid it’s on its last legs. 😦

Can someone PLEASE help me get to have a good night’s sleep? I’m grumpy, tired, and getting depressed even though I don’t feel depressed because of the medicine (comfortably numb I guess would be a good way to describe it).

@ etta- I do take my medicine in the morning. I’m on 60mg of Cymbalta. I’m not sure what else I could do. I don’t know if this is the highest dose I can be on, or the lowest dose. If this keeps up over the weekend, I will be calling the nurse practitioner. I need my sleep desperately.

@ everyone else for comments- Thank you so much. I am trying not to fall into that dark hole again.


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  1. Hope you get some sleep soon. God I hate using the standard lines over and over and not leaving practical advice. Let’s see, what helps me sleep….this could get wierd…
    Burning incense or a smudge stick before hitting the hay, some white sage works well also. Decaf coffee actually knocks me out pretty good, don’t know why. How about Hubby rubbing your hair while your trying to sleep, my wife just has to touch my hairline and I’m nodding off. We always sleep with a fan on, for that white noise effect.

    God I wish I could help more, but that’s all I gotz…

    Peace and sleep,

  2. My therapist really tried to hit home to me to walk every single day- rain or shine- cold hot, snow or slush- get out there and she swore to me that it’d become 2nd nature.

    I think it’s hard to make time for ourselves w/ kids- you with your twins and schooling…. but you deserve something for yourself too. You are going to be ok! Maybe it’s just gonna take some time to also get use to the new meds? Did you call your doc and tell him/her what’s going on?

    I don’t like to walk, but if you do, I will too…. it’s suppose to help. I am tired, work full time nights and have 3 kids, depression and anxiety too- so I feel for you. I just know I should be doing what she told me to do, are you in? I’ll promise to get out everyday if you do? Wanna try with me?

  3. With me those things have to work themselves out. Once I start fixating on my lack of sleep I’m in trouble.

    Even with the large dose of Seroquel I’m taking I still tend to wake up about two hours after passing out. The shrink has had me taking it at bedtime. Tonight I’m going to try taking it with my evening meal. Reason being, when I take it at bedtime I wake right back up, and feel almost ready to push through yet another waking nightmare. Then, when I finally get up the next morning, I’m too groggy to do much for several hours. (And yet I’m still not sleeping good.

    I was taking Welbutrin first thing — even before coffee. Since I’m not taking anything other than the Seroquel maybe I can work it out to my satisfaction. Every mg of every thing changes the equation though.

    The exercise comment above is a good idea but in my case needs to be completed at least four hours prior to bedtime. At previous points in my past history with insomnia I was told to do something light for that last hour or so before bedtime. (Light reading, silly-comedic type movies.)

    Unfortunately, as I said, it has always had to straighten itself out for me.

    I wish I knew the secret. I suspect there isn’t one.

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