The Sick Ward

I got a phone call on my way back from my therapy session this afternoon. It was the school. You know how much my stomach sinks when I get a phone call from school? Ugh. Especially when it’s the school nurse. Yep… one of those calls- “Come get your kid, he’s sick.”

Well, this call was very odd. The school nurse tells me that Casey has broken out into a rash. It looks like someone has slapped his cheeks, his chest, stomach, arms, and back are all broken out in this red rash, and it’s starting to look lacy. He does not have a fever. He told the nurse that he feels OK and that he wants to finish the school day.

Meanwhile, I’m an hour away from the school, and I’m starting to panic. I tell the school nurse to call my husband to let him know what is going on, since he’s closer to the school than I am.

I get back to town,Β  and stopped off at my husband’s office to do some typing. I asked him if he had gotten a phone call from school. He had to go check his voice mail, and sure enough, the school nurse did call. I told him to call the school nurse back and get an update on Casey. According to the nurse, Casey is fine, the rash is growing, and he still doesn’t have a temperature.

I pick the boys up after school, and I run into Casey’s parapro (he has a parapro for his sensory therapy at school.) She tells me that Casey has been a little on edge since he started breaking out in the rash. I told her that Casey does not like to get sick, and he will panic when the words “doctor”, “sick”, and “fever” are mentioned. She told me that she told him that he probably just scraped his arm on the wall and that’s why he has a rash. She was trying to calm him down, getting him to think that he wasn’t sick.

I talked to the teacher, and she helped me check Casey out. Sure enough, the rash has gotten worse, and the teacher tells me that it looks like Fifth Disease. Great. Just what I need. The only “good” thing about this rash is that he’s no longer contagious one the rash breaks out. Now I need to watch that Kerry doesn’t get it. Actually, I need to watch when Kerry will get it.

I had a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) meeting after school, so the boys hung out with me during the meeting. We got home, I checked out Casey’s rash again, and it was redder and it was covering more of his body. I called the Nurse on Call at the pediatrician’s office.Β  You would have thought that I had cut off Casey’s arm because he was yelling and crying so much. He was not happy that I had called the Nurse on Call. I had toΒ  make sure that this rash was indeed Fifth Disease and not something else. I was not taking him to the Emergency Room for something like this.

After 10 minutes of talking to the nurse, trying calm Casey down, and looking at the rash again and again, the nurse confirms that it is Fifth Disease. Sigh. The rash will be around for anywhere from one to three weeks.

Ugh. Oh well…. At least this didn’t happen when they were babies. I prayed that this wouldn’t happen when they were babies. I guess I should have prayed that this wouldn’t happen at all. πŸ˜‰




9 responses

  1. What, she diagnosed him without seeing him? We thought LS had fifth disease a few weeks ago, and it was actually scarlet fever. The only way the doc knew for sure was to do a strep test.

    (Er, not to worry you further. πŸ™‚ Just surprised that she would diagnose over the phone like that.)

  2. Hey, i just wanted to say thanks for coming over to my blog and for the compliment- i read your response in BPD in OKC’s comment section. It was nice that you took the time. I hope i didn’t come across that i was referring to you at all, i was just posting that in response to her posting about how people were giving unwanted advice before. Your comment was great and you seem like a really reasonable person!! πŸ™‚ By the looks of things you also have a lot on the go. Take care of yourself, Jena.

  3. Sorry he’s sick. 😦 What a bummer. At least the weekend is nearly here and he can recover a bit this weekend? Rent some movies, and just chill…. I hope he’s better soon!

  4. @ Book Mama- I know- I thought it was strange, too, that they were so quick to do a phone diagnosis. But, when you have a screaming child, it was so much easier to stay at home.

    @ Jena- THANK YOU. πŸ™‚ You don’t know how much those nice words make my day. My feathers are VERY ruffled over how those “people” are posting comments at BPD’s blog. Some people should remember the old lesson: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

    @ BPD- My husband had never heard of it, neither. Spent much time on the ‘net looking at websites and reading information. BTW, I’m GLAD you’re blogging again. Don’t take no crap from anyone. πŸ˜‰

    @ JavaQueen- Thank you, sweetie. When he woke up today, he was in a very good mood. The rash was a lighter red, and his face wasn’t as red. So, off to school he went. I’m hoping his day went well today.

  5. Hi MG:
    It’s me, Mary H. πŸ™‚
    Alex had 5th Disease when he was a toddler, I hope “you” don’t get it,I did…’s much worse in adults. It causes terrible joint pain and of course then there is the rash that lasts for about 3 weeks.

  6. @ Mary- Thanks for visiting my blog. πŸ™‚ I don’t want to get this rash, but of course you know how that goes… whatever the kids get, Mom gets, too. Ugh. Hugs back to you!

  7. Huh. At least we’re not the only folk that got misdxed with a Fifth when it was scarlet fever And you know the rashes don’t look anything alike. What the heck? Well hope we ALL feel better soon!

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