Updating links!

In my unending search for information (it must be the teacher in me), I have added a new category to my links section: Mental Health Resources. Take a look and if there’s any links that you think are helpful, please send them my way and I’ll add them to my section.

Information is power. 🙂


2 responses

  1. Jeez, this is great! I found out that there are actually support groups right in my area!!! Thanks for sharing, I hadn’t even thought about that….. sadly, I didn’t.

    You’re right, info. is power. Funny, I just deal w/ my depression and rarely do a thing for myself other than take my meds, so …. I this never crossed my mind. I’m really glad you posted this!

    Again, I’m sorry about your friend’s loss… and I hope you have a lovely Sunday Mother’s Day. Gosh, your friend’s loss is such a reminder how fragile life is and how it can be snatched from us at any time…. I’m more appreciative of this Mother’s Day than ever – I feel extremely lucky…

  2. I’m glad it helped you! If I can help at least one person… then I’m happy. The ‘net is so huge, it’s hard to find the info you need, especially when you’re in a crisis situation.

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