Check out the new stuff on my blog

I’ve added a few new blogs to my blogroll, and a new link under the “Just for Fun” category. I also added a search feature to my blog if you wanted to do a search on a particular term. I’m not sure how well it will work. If anyone tries it, please let me know how well it works. πŸ™‚


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  1. Hey buddy – I searched “depression” and got about nine hits. I think the wordpress search feature is much improved. Still, I know what I think is a better way and will be sharing it at some point soon. Actually, if you read the sidebar before I started the makeover, you already know about it.

    I appreciate all your comments and support. You’re a good friend and are now officially in the “inner-circle”. ;^/

  2. Good deal on the search feature. Thanks for trying it out for me. I tried it, too, and was rather surprised. Now I need to find a way to put a poll on the blog. I have a BIG post planned.

    Aw…. thanks for the compliment. I know how hard this road is. Even though I’m not dealing with addiction, there were times when drinking looked pretty appealing to me.

    BTW, You’re in my “inner-circle” too. I put you on my blogroll. πŸ™‚

  3. Not sure, but I don’t think there’s a way to do polls at You could start a sister blog at blogger and link to it from here. I think you can do just about anything over there. Javascipt, hack the HTML and CSS, whatever. There may even be a poll widget available. Hold on … Just checked, and yes, there a poll “page element” which is comparable to a widget at wordpress.


  4. Aw, thank you – I feel honored πŸ™‚ I have to add to mine too! I have just a few new in my google reader, but sometimes I forget that I also have to add them to mah roll πŸ˜‰ You are wonderful! Do me a favor? Be nice to yourself today. You deserve a break….and I mean that with love in my heart because I feel like I really understand where you are coming from. I spent a lot of years being very critical of myself, putting myself down, expecting way too much, demanding perfection (and with twins, or kids in general, perfection is out the door), always feeling let down. So, be nice to yourself today, and I’m going to be nice to myself today too; hey, it’s a start πŸ™‚

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