Writer’s block

I think a lot of my writer’s block is due to the the holiday stress. I just can’t seem to pull myself up out of this blue, depression hole.

The boys have been driving me nuts because they think I’m their personal entertainment system, meaning I will IMMEDIATELY find them something to do whenever one of them whines “I’m booooooooooooooooooooooooored”. I already told them one time that if someone says that they’re bored, I have a lot of chores that I could use some help doing.

I sure hope that 2008 is going to be better than 2007.


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  1. I tell my kids (Big Brother, mostly) that I took a class on how to be a mean mom, and does he think I need to go back and take another class to learn more. Makes me laugh, makes him mad, but oh well! I don’t have much patience when he tells me I’m a mean mom for not letting him have more screen time (when he has surely already had enough – too much probably – by the time he’s fussing about it.) And no, you can’t play Xbox at 7:30 in the morning. (Hmm, detect a “screen time” theme here? LOL)

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