The Beartwinsmom peeks out from her Den…

Okay, so I’ve been very quiet for the past few weeks or so. I’ve been trying to keep up with the craziness we call the holiday season, and also trying not to overdo it since I’m still recovering from my surgery.

We’ve been hit with a few doozy snowstorms and have three snow days so far this month! We only have two more until we have to start making up days for school. Now, for those of you who understand Michigan winters, we’re still in December.

The boys woke up wired and ready to roll for Christmas today. Up and at ’em at 7:00 with screams of “Santa came! Santa came!”, the Twinadoes came running to our room to wake us up. After a rousing game of Battleship with DH, the boys are all in the living room putting together their GeoTrax city. They got the GeoTrax Grand Central Station from Santa. They were SO excited, they were jumping up and down when they opened it.

I hope that everyone who celebrates has a wonderful holiday today. I am “blessed” with double duty since my DH’s birthday is also today. Off to make a birthday cake and start round 2 of wrapping presents…

Have a wonderful day, everyone! I will post more soon… I will need to as a sanity-saver since I’m home with the boys (yes, all 3 of them) for 2 weeks. Pray for sanity on my end, please.


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