What would you do??

I have a very dear friend who writes a parenting blog. Lately, her comments forum has been attacked by a couple of flamers. I’ve never seen such hateful comments in my life. This has really rattled me since the reason why my friend started the blog was to be supportive for homeschooling parents, and she has gotten a lot of mean-spirited comments from some women.

So, fellow bloggers, what would you do if you were attacked by flamers in the comments to your posts?


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  1. If it were me, I would have no problem deleting the comments if they violated my “terms of service” – be nice, be respectful, be clean, etc. I have deleted comments from my blog before, but so far only (I think) if they were spam-ish.

    However, if I deleted a number of comments, I would probably write a quick post explaining myself, since I think WordPress (and probably Blogger, etc.) indicates when a comment has been deleted. Wouldn’t want to give legitimate readers/commenters the idea that I delete any posts I don’t like or that express a different viewpoint from mine.

  2. If it was cruel then I would definitely delete it. Though I would probably mark it as spam first and then I would never have to receive another dumb post from them again!

  3. Book Mama- Good idea about deleting the comments if it violates your ToS. My friend promptly wrote her comments ToS. Hopefully that will work.

    FXSmom- These comments were way beyond cruel, written by self-proclaimed “christians”. I’m sorry, but if anyone wrote to me like that, I’d highly doubt their christianity.

  4. If they are anonymous, as they usually are, I would turn off anonymous commenting. I did that, actually, after getting some comments from an anonymous person who was spoiling my day. I haven’t heard back and have since turned anonymous commenting back on. It’s a little muscle flex, I guess. But, deleting is another option, too.

  5. I am a stay-at-home Dad who also blogs a bit. We also homeschool our daughter and I am quite critical of the public school curriculum as I used to teach in it. (K-12 Emotional Disturbances Cert.)

    As far as the mean-spirited comments, we have a filter system in place where we choose to approve a comment ahead of time. That way they never get their 2 cents in if they are overly hostile. Either they contribute to the substance or prevent the comments from showing.

    Since I have no qualms stepping on toes, I have my share of those who support and oppose my statements. It is just part of the blogosphere.

    As for those “Christian” commentators who were mean spirited, I would ignore them and feel for any children they may have. The phrase still holds “They shall know we are Christians by our love.” Anyone can say they are a Christian but the proof is in their words and deeds.

    I’ll share a saying on a sign in my 10th Grade Social Studies teacher’s classroom that I memorized and remember 20 years later.

    “Small minds speak of gossip.
    Average minds speak of events,
    Great minds speak of ideas.”

    ‘Let us all strive to be great minds in this classroom, small minds are not to be tolerated.’ – 10th grade Soc Studies teacher

    I’d modify that and post it as part of the ToS. Anyone violating it would be blocked from having their comments posted.

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