I write my best blog entries in my sleep

Anyone else do the same thing? Since I’ve been recovering from my surgery (it’s been two weeks now that I’ve been home from the hospital), all I do is eat, sleep, take pain meds, and repeat the cycle.

I have had some GREAT ideas for some blog topics under my drug-induced sleeps: Ideas about the meaning of Christmas; why parents and teachers should stop the us versus them battle in special education (and in education in general); and why time is more important than stuff. But as soon as the ideas start really flowing, I wake up. I wish I could hook up a recorder to my brain during those times so I could capture those ideas.

Hopefully I’ll delve into those ideas that were swirling around in my head.


One response

  1. I once heard that an artist did his best art in those first few moments of waking up because he was more asleep than awake. I tried to write in a journal like that for a while but all I got was mumbo jumbo and drool in my journal. Guess it don’t work for everyone 😉

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