Click, click…

That’s the sound of my staples being removed today. My doc said that the pathology report will be delayed because the pathologist saw new kinds of fibroids in my uterus that she had never seen before (great… leave it to me to be a medical mystery). So, my “stuff” is going to Mayo Clinic to get evaluated. I’ll have a full report at my next doctor’s appointment on November 26. Supposedly, there’s no cancer, but they’re perplexed at how “fleshy” my fibroids were. One guess is that the biggest fibroid was infarcted (earlier today I wrote “infarted” in my email; I still like that word better! LOL), which means that the blood supply was cut off and it died. So, that would explain the incredible pain I’ve been having.

I’ll keep you all posted. I’ve always wanted to go to Mayo Clinic, but not like this.


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