Just give me a comfy pillow and blanket…

All I want to do is sleep, sleep, sleep… It’s 3 days before my surgery. I know all I’ll be doing post-operation is sleeping, but right now with this constant pain and pressure, I just want a pillow, blanket, and a quiet place to rest. I just want to forget all the stuff I have to do before this surgery (house cleaning, homework, keeping up with the boys).

Right now DH has the boys outside collecting stuff for their habitat dioramas that are due on Nov. 6 (yes, the day before my surgery). Casey wants to do a grasslands diorama, and Kerry wants to do a rainforest diorama. I found these really cool mini-animals at an educational store that were actually themed on the different habitats! I was very happy, but not too happy that I had to shell out about $8.00 a piece for each of these tubes of animals. Casey was disappointed that I bought them because he thought they were just for the project. When I told him that after the project he could play with the animals, he got all excited. Yes, my boys love going to the educational toys store with Momma…. πŸ™‚

So, what should it be? Work or rest?


6 responses

  1. Whatever you feel like! One minute that might be rest; the next some work.

    Cool projects … are those home projects or school projects?

  2. I’m with motherreader. Do what you want! Anything that you like just do it. Ya want sleep…then go for it. Ya want to wash dishes…go for that. Enjoy the next few days so you can go into the surgery as relaxed as possible. πŸ™‚

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