Huge breakthrough!!

Last night after the boys had their sensorimotor evaluation at the FSU College of Optometry, I took the boys out for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. First breakthrough- Casey tried something off the kids’ menu without French fries. 🙂 He had the cheese enchilada and LOVED it. Kerry always gets the same thing- taco with beans and rice. And, you better make sure that that taco gets served without lettuce and put on a separate plate so that it doesn’t get soggy… (sigh… the things I do for these boys. Good thing I’m fluent in Spanish so I can explain what the boys want to the waitstaff).

So, we eat our dinner, and we happen to see one of the kindergarten teachers from the boys’ school over at the next table. She is there with her husband and a friend. We’ve seen them around town before at different music concerts, so it’s not like we’re dealing with strangers. Sometimes the worst autistic meltdowns come when the child knows the person.

We order dessert, and the kindergarten teacher and her hubby and friend get ready to go. As our dessert is being served, they’re leaving. The husband slides into the booth, sits next to Casey, and with a HUGE grin on his face, says “will you share your dessert with me?” Casey scoots over, grabs his dessert, but instead of having a meltdown he smiles back and said “No”.

After they left, I gave Casey a high five and said “I’m so proud of you. You didn’t get upset at all. How did you know that he was teasing you?”

Then Casey said, “He had a big grin on his face.”

I could kiss Casey’s speech therapist.


5 responses

  1. I think it friggin’ rocks. Casey still sounds nicer than the kid I have in class right now who is probably ODD. She isn’t very nice at all, but she broke through and was nice to me to my face. I almost pooped myself.

    (I was in the girls’ bathroom too)

    I said I liked her hair because she was complaining she was having a bad hair day. She has GORGEOUS hair. She actually smiled–a real smile too–all the way to the eyes.

    Now she is suspended again….but I am still hopeful!

  2. Thanks Head MOn- I’m hoping your student will turn around and actually start acting civil all the time.

    BookMama- It was so amazing- I am still over the moon about it!

    motherreader- I’m always on my toes! LOL Thanks for the congrats! 🙂

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