Trying to stay afloat

Right now I feel like I’m in a blender stuck on “frappe'” speed. I’m trying to juggle so many things before my scheduled surgery on November 7. I’m also trying really hard not to panic and stress out, but I’ve already felt those old panic attack feelings start today.

It’s amazing how many women I’ve met that have said “Oh yeah, I’ve had a hysterectomy… you’ll feel so much better after it’s all done.” At my surgery education appointment last week, I felt like I was going to break down, and I did cry a couple of times. The nurse didn’t have much sympathy, but she did hold my hand while she took out the picture of what my procedure is going to look like as she explained to me what was going to happen. I guess after explaining surgeries day in and day out, it seems like routine to you.

She did recommend that I get meals prepared ahead of time, get the house in order how I want it, and try not to stress out. If only she knew how frazzled I am and how much this surgery is consuming my mind…

What I’d love to have is a personal assistant to help me get organized and ready for all of this. Or maybe someone to clone me so I can get all of this stuff done (house, homework, being a mom, etc.)…

I am just scared, worried, and frazzled all at once. I have to learn how to prioritize and fast.


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  1. Try not to STRESS: HA!

    1. Get your house in order—UM that’s extremely stressful
    2. Prepare meals ahead of time- HA! I have a hard enough time figuring out what we will have today. And the time to actually do it?—again HA!
    3. Hello? Does she know you have multiples?

    I’m sorry you are dealing with this. Do you have a church or organization that would be willing to bring you food for a week or two? I would if I lived closer.

  2. I’m sorry that this is stressing you out so much! I understand though.

    Don’t forget that “get the meals prepared” doesn’t mean that YOU have to prepare them. Let your family get familiar with frozen and/or canned food for a couple of weeks – surely your husband can handle cooking some fish sticks and nuking some frozen corn, heating up a couple of frozen pizzas, toasting some Eggos for dinner, etc. It won’t hurt your kids and they may even like it!

    (FYI, this was not meant to be a dig on your hubby at all!)

  3. Stress is a natural part of life … own it because if ever there is a time to be stressed it is now. However, I do believe in listening to classical music before a surgery. Even while riding to the hospital. And, buy some of those Lean Cuisines and other boxed meals and call it a day. Heck with cooking and freezing more than once. Cleaning, however, can be cathartic, at least for me, so that’s entirely up to you. : )

  4. Chelle- Nope, she didn’t really catch on that I have multiples. Figures…

    BookMama- No digs interpreted! I’m trying to figure out exactly how I’m going to plan everything. Right now all I want to do is crawl under the blankets and sleep.

    motherreader- Thanks for visiting my blog! I do agree that cleaning can be cathartic, but when the abdominal pain starts up, it’s hard to stay focused. Classical music is a great idea- I’ll have to remember that.

    FXSmom- I just commented on your blog. Wish I lived closer so I could give you a real hug in person.

  5. Wow. I’ll be praying for you. I had a nightmare just last week about having a c-section (I’ve never had one and no, I’m not pregnant at this time. 🙂 ). I’ve watched surgeries on TV (DH thinks I’m gross, I find them educational) and the fear didn’t come from not knowing what was going on or a lack of faith in the doctors or any of the “usual” fears. The reason I was so deathly afraid in my dream was purely the fact that they were cutting into my body! After that dream, I don’t know if I could ever have a non-life-or-death sugery.

    And I second the “getting the extended family involved” idea. Have a G-ma/G-pa/aunt/older cousin/uncle/etc watch the littles on a rotating basis at least for the first week or two. Is there anyway you can bribe, um, I mean, persuade someone to watch the boys for 2-3 days straight, like an extended sleep over? Taking into account the needs of the boys, of course.

    God Bless!

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