Starting a new class this weekend

This weekend is the first weekend my new class is meeting- Introduction to Learning Disabilities. I’m excited because I’m hoping to learn something new about LD that I don’t know yet. For class this weekend, we need to bring in a journal article about a learning disability. Since I’ve done research already on it, I chose to find a recent article on nonverbal learning disabilities. Luckily, I found a new article from 2006 about auditory processing disorder and nonverbal learning disorder co-morbidity. Plus, I printed an article from the LD Online website about developing an educational plan for students with nonverbal learning disorders. It is very comprehensive and an excellent read for those who are interested in working with students with NLVD.

I’m still searching information to help me with my thesis. I want to find something in the field of autism and literacy, but I’m coming up short big time. Any pointers and leads would be greatly appreciated. I did find one article about how disabled people are usually disvalued in their literacy attempts, and there were some good references in that article, but only one directly dealt with autism.

I’ll be scarce online this weekend. Heck, I’ve barely been online all week since I’ve been volunteering at the boys’ school all week, working on assembling the new math curriculum kits. Today I was roped into popping popcorn for the PTO fundraiser that we do once a month. My clothes still smell like popcorn (ick!). We sell popcorn for .25 cents a bag to the students and faculty/staff, and it’s a really good fundraiser. The big problem is that it is a very tedious job, and it takes a long time to finish it.

Wish me luck with my new class this weekend! 🙂


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  1. Book Mama’s mama here! Just had to comment on your comment about Rotten Apples. When Btwinny and Firsttwin were in college – one was at Central and the other one was at Michigan State. On many ocassions, I would take the trip from Lansing to Mt. Pleasant – and, of course – back the same route. I know that I stopped at Uncle John’s MANY times during those many trips back and forth. Now, there’s an orchad!

    BTW, I like your bear heading!

  2. Thanks for visiting, Snow Bird! And, thanks for the compliment on my bear heading. I think it’s pretty cool, too. 🙂

    Thinking about Uncle John’s orchard makes me want to go there this weekend! LOL


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