Adding new stuff to the blog

I’m finding new stuff (well, new to me…. old to some of you seasoned bloggers out there) to put on my blog. You can scroll down my page here and look at some of the stuff I’ve added: Site Meter, a link to subscribe to updates via email via FeedBurner, and last but not least, a link to Technorati.

I’m getting more and more frustrated about the inability to use JavaScript with WP here. I guess it’s because of security or something like that. So, I’m trying to find other things I can do to publicize my blog (yes, I know… thrilling reading, but I am planning on writing about other things than school and kids. Honest… I am!).


3 responses

  1. I won’t disappoint my education public, Matt. 🙂 Education is my heart and soul since I’m a “semi-retired” teacher, and I’m in graduate school in the college of education. I do love school and kids.

    Thanks for visiting!


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