Trying out a new system

After getting tired of repeating myself over and over and over again telling the boys what to do, picking up after them, and quite frankly, getting fed up with their lack of responsibility, I have decided that enough is enough.

A few months ago, an online friend of mine told me about a website that is an online chore chart. The website is called Handipoints. You can also set up an online behavior chart as well, complete with demerits for negative behavior. The kids earn points for the chores they do, and they can be converted to earning things for their online character, or you can convert it to real dollars and set up savings goals. There are also games the kids can play based on their points that they have earned.

I set up their charts, both chore and behavior. So far Casey is taking a HUGE liking to this, and has done chores without me asking him to (i.e. making his bed, putting his dirty clothes in the hamper), and he was quite excited to see how many points he’s earned so far. Kerry, on the other hand, seems to think that this is all a conspiracy to prove how much we don’t love him. He has not taken well to this chart system. Hopefully when he sees how much fun the website is, he will change his mind.

Wish me luck. I am so tired of being the drill instructor, and I want the boys to be more responsible for their own behavior.


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