Excuse this blog… we’re having technical difficulties

GRRR! I’m trying to install something new, cool, fresh, and awesome to my blog, but I can’t figure out how to do it! Waaaah!

 Anyway, I found out through reading one of my favorite education bloggers Matthew Tabor that there is a new thing called BlogRush. BlogRush is supposed to be the next best thing in directing more traffic to your blog, and you can earn syndication credits (I’m still learning about what those are).

Anyway, if you go sign up, please use me as a reference. 🙂 My reference code is: http://www.blogrush.com/r79262899

Happy Blogging!

Oh, and if anyone can figure out how to add their BlogRush widget to the free WordPress blogs, please let me know. I keep trying and it doesn’t work. Hence, the technical difficulties. 😦


5 responses

  1. Awwww, man! I invited you last night but I think the stupid n on my keyboard doubled and messed up your address. Then I didn’t go back and try again. Oh well. 🙂 There is a help section on the Blogrush site that might address your needs. Meanwhile, I need to get a new keyboard. I have to go back and delete every double n and o that it types. Grrrrrr. 😀

  2. Thanks, Matthew. I hope that things change with WP, but if not, it’s OK. Technology is changing fast enough that something new will come along.

    earnestparent- I tried to access the help section, but it kept making my web browser crash. I finally gave up. 😦

    FXSmom- Breathe, honey, breathe!!! 🙂

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