Now I know retailers have gone too far…

I was at Wal-Mart today after my meeting. You need to note that today is September 14. I can understand why retailers have all the Halloween stuff out. All of the obnoxious inflatables were up on the top shelf, blowing away to entice people to buy them.

But what was that in the next aisle? Not even 4 feet away? No, I couldn’t believe my eyes. On the top shelf right next to the Halloween inflatables were the Christmas inflatables, along with the beginnings of Christmas decorations (ornaments, stockings, etc.).

 Remember what the date was? It’s September 14.

I’m so disgusted with retailers. Why do they think that it’s OK to put Halloween and Christmas right next to each other? It’s like the holidays are getting pushed up earlier and earlier every year. And, has anyone else ever noticed how Thanksgiving is ignored? That irks me a bit. Thanksgiving is more important than Halloween to me (but don’t tell my sons I said that- they think getting candy is the most important!).

So, what is a mom to do with the early marketing onslaught of the holidays? I’m already ready to run in the other direction.


2 responses

  1. I understand.. I have no problem with having the craft supplies available even all year long …after all those who do craft shows and make things for family need them anytime but the general holiday stuff.. that’s craziness!!!

  2. I almost never go into the other sections of the store when I go grocery shopping now. I wish we could go back to grocery stores that are just grocery store. I know what a wonderful conveniance it is to have everything (or nearly everything) all together, but the distractions are not always good, especially with children (DH) in tow who /need/ to go to the toy section (electronics) and end up spending almost as much time over there as in the grocery aisles! (At least DH can go unsupervised!)

    I’ve read about a family (can’t think of who right now) who had a very tiny Christmas budget one year, so they really focused on the /true/ meaning of Christmas and took advantage of all the church activities etc, and the children loved it so much that the next year they wanted the same thing, instead of the presents they were now able to afford!

    I have a quick autism question for you. I’ve noticed that Amelia’s not saying any consenants (sp) save one, the French “r” that is said in the back of the throat (we’ve been working on this one with her, my g-ma g who is french has been giving her “french lessons”). Isn’t delayed speech an early indicator, or am I being Paranoid Mama?

    God Bless!

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