My love/hate relationship with the scale

Yesterday was weigh-in day at my Weight Watchers meeting, and the scale crept up another 2 pounds. I was so discouraged. Granted, it’s “that time of month”, but still…

My problem is that I need to get back into the whole groove of this program. I have to get re-energized about journaling, finding low-Points food, exercising, and keeping a positive outlook on this. I am getting depressed about the gains, and am forgetting about the losses that I’ve had thus far.

I need to find that energy that I had before. Right now my energy is totally drained, and I’m sad about that, especially when I think of the money I’m sinking into these WW meetings. I’m at the point where I want to give in, but I can’t.

I’m falling back into my old eating habits, not exercising, and feeling lousy about everything. Does anyone have tips on how to break out of this rut?


4 responses

  1. Honestly, I’ve not ever gotten back out of the rut. I had lost 75 pounds using low-carb methods the one time I really stuck it out. Then we moved and were living with some friends who ate whatever and the sweets were just too tempting. My only advice is to take it one day at a time; heck, one meal at a time. And stickers! Use stickers or some other form of notation when you do stick to the program. Babysteps! And remember, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall off the wagon, as long as you get back on!

    God Bless!

  2. I just got back into it as well. Can you believe I gained 10 pounds back? In such a short time I can gain it back and it takes at least 4-5 weeks to get that off.

    I’m really struggling with eating ONLY the amount of points that I am allowed to have. Now that I have added milk to my diet that takes away 7 points. (That’s a meal)

    I’m not sure what kind of advice to give you, except to let you know you are not alone.

    I always had a problem with losing my QuikTrak. So I made it in a Excel spreadsheet and now I know where it is at all times.

  3. My thoughts would be to pinpoint where you started slipping and see why. That way you can avoid it in the future. Or if you can’t avoid find a way to deal with it better than with food.

    I make no bones about how much food means to me. My mother tells everyone that she just doesn’t get it because food was about the only thing I didn’t do without as a child. I’ve learned various situations where food is a drug and I still eat but I try to eat very very healthy and natural foods…like grapes or carrots instead.

    I teetered on the fence of the BMI scale….One pound gained will yell overweight at me. I heard that you can psych yourself out so I pretend that the elevator is going to fall at any moment so I have to take the stairs. It’s like a game and it works. Honestly, the stairs is the only exercise I have time for and I only take them about 3 x’s a day. It’s working and so the change in foods for when I get stressed.

    I have faith that you will find what makes your body tick in a healthy way and you can beat this 🙂

  4. PandaBean- Great idea on the stickers! I have a ton of smiley face stickers. That would be a good visual for me to see when I do stay on track.

    Chelle- It’s amazing to me, too, how fast the weight can creep back up, and how horribly slow it is to come off. It is maddening!!! Let’s keep each other on track… I need encouragement to stick to this, and it sounds like you need a cheering section, too.

    FXSmom, I started slipping when the boys were on summer vacation. I wasn’t sticking to my eating program (i.e. following the Weight Watchers Points) and I wasn’t getting in my exercise. I need to get moving again. I think that if I start exercising again, my mood should improve. I just need to see that scale move back in the down direction again.

    Thanks, everyone, for the encouragement!!! I need it, and you guys are awesome!

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