Back online! :-)

DH fixed the internet connection, so now we’re back online! Miss me? (grin)


2 responses

  1. I didn’t even know you were gone! I mean, um, yes, I missed you terribly and my day went to the pits without you. LOL I’m glad you got the computer stuff working again. Were you able to get all your pictures back?

    God Bless!

  2. I’m glad the computer’s working again, too. It turned out we had a short in the phone line, and that was causing our internet connection problems. Funny that it would take us 7 years to find that problem (we’ve been in this house for 7 years; brand-new construction, too).

    My FIL has all the pictures on his computer, so I’ll be able to get them soon. I was so relieved when I heard that! I was devastated when I saw that empty folder on the DVD.

    Now now… my blog isn’t the stellar cure for a to-the-pits day. LOL But, I’m glad you enjoy it! 🙂

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