I’m so bummed

I had over 500 pictures on my digital camera that I got for my birthday this year. I got them off my camera and onto a DVD. Or, so I thought. I just checked the DVD and there are none of my pictures. Kerry’s pictures made it onto the DVD, but not mine.

 I am so heartbroken. I deleted all the pics off the camera thinking that the DVD had them on there.


3 responses

  1. That sucks! How horrible. Did you try to go straight from your camera to the DVD? Or did you perhaps take a detour thru’ your computer that may have saved your pictures and didn’t tell you? (Computers are great at that sometimes.)

    God Bless!

  2. Check with your hubby before you do anything. He may know if the pics are actually gone from the card, or if it’s just the path to the pics. Does that make sense? Sometimes when you delete a file it’s still there, but can be overwritten. That’s why recovery software can find things. I have no idea if that would work on a memory card, but it can’t hurt to ask before you put any pics on it.


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