What a weekend….

I swear we went all over this state and back again this weekend. Saturday we had to drop off the transmission for my GMC at my aunt and uncle’s house… on the other side of the state. This is usually a 2.5 hour trip, but with kids you always have to add in stops for potty breaks, snack breaks, and just breaks in general. This time, we decided to take the scenic route, and not take the main highways but the state roads instead. Granted, we saw a lot more of our home state than we would have originally (remember the quote “Life does not happen on the highways” by William Least Heat Moon from Blue Highways). Oh, and did I mention this cross-state trip was accomplished in an 1988 Ford F-150 christened “Thomas” by our sons because it’s blue and Thomas the Tank Engine is blue, and we need to have our cars named after characters in the Thomas stories. (sigh).

So, we drop off the tranny at my uncle’s. He cracks it open and see the oil. It’s supposed to be red. Instead it’s black. Not a good sign. Supposedly, this means that something has been burning for a long time. Gee… could that be the reason why I have been having trouble shifting into reverse, and the darn tac keeps bouncing RPMs when I’m driving? Hopefully, my uncle will have the tranny fixed this weekend. Unfortunately, this means another cross-state trip in Thomas the Tank Truck.

One cool thing we did do is stop off at the Michigan Railroad History Museum in Durand . The boys loved it, especially the room with the huge model railroad of the Durand railyard back in its heyday.

Sunday we went up north to DH’s parent’s for a combined birthday party. My parents’-in-law birthdays are two weeks apart, so they decided to have a combined party. I made the cake (a yummy Weight Watchers-friendly apple spice cake), and DH made two cream pies, a coconut cream pie, and a chocolate cream pie. His dad loves pies, so we figured it would be nice to do extra. DH also made scalloped potatoes. We were up late Saturday (remember this is the same day that we did the cross-state trip to drop off the tranny) cooking and getting ready for the party. Trip up north- about 2 hours give or take depending on traffic, potty stops, etc. This time we were driving my old car, the Saturn (aka Percy… guess what color my car is?). We (well, not “we”, but DH) decided that it would be good to stay overnight, so add to the workpile for me packing clothes and toiletries, making sure we have everything we need (but I still managed to forget two things! Grrrrr).

The boys had a ton of fun. They got to spend time with their cousins, play on the moon bounce (my BIL has a moon bouncer shaped like a T-Rex that he rents out from his rental shop), and stay up late playing flashlight tag. It was a good way for them to end summer.

Monday was the drive-back-home-with-all-the-other-downstaters day. A day I like to call “The Mass Exodus from the North”. You can count on one hand the cars going north, and you’re stuck with all the other yahoos going south. We had to get a few more things for school supplies, get home, have a quick dinner, showers, and get to bed. Amazingly, I got the boys to bed by 8:30pm.

I’m still exhausted from this weekend. I need a vacation to recover from this summer.


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  1. Gee, this sounds almost like my weekend! I agree, we all need a vacation to recover from our vacations! My MIL and her husband travel a lot all around the world. This summer they went to Italy on a cruise for 2 weeks; she said it was the most exhausting trip to date!

    God Bless!

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