8 interesting things about me Meme

Okay… here goes on my 8 interesting things about me. Please try not to drool on the keyboard after you fall asleep reading about how “interesting” I am.

 1.  I’m bilingual in Spanish. I learned all of my Spanish in schools in Michigan and Virginia.

2.  I walked to Mexico… well,  when I was in El Paso for a teacher’s convention, we went to Ciudad Juarez. We walked into the country. The natives were floored to hear a green-eyed blonde speak Spanish as well as a native.

3. I’ve lived in 4 states- Michigan, Florida, Virginia, and Texas.

4. I went to 3 high schools in four years. I had to spend my senior year in a new school. I was not a happy camper about that.

5. I moved to Houston, Texas, on my own- not knowing anyone there- after I graduated from college.

6. One night when I was in undergrad school, a bunch of us took a road trip to northern Michigan (I went to undergrad school at Central Michigan University). We were inspired by our professor when we were studying about American Literature and how different authors were inspired by their travels (think Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance). We were out all night, and wrote different poetry, journal entries about our trip. It was very memorable because we saw the Northern Lights that night.

7. I wanted to be a theatre major when I was in undergrad school. I did get to do acting when I was in college. I was in a play, did some backstage work on another, and loved every minute of it. I also was theatre director of the last school I taught at, and directed my first play.

8. I like to scrapbook and do rubberstamping, but never have the time to do it.

Oh goody… now I get to tag people! I tag:

Fragile What? Read & See!

Triplets Are a Joy



I can’t wait to see what y’all come up with on your lists. 🙂


6 responses

  1. I think it is *way* cool that you had your own Kerouac experience. 🙂 Y hablo un poquito espanol tambien. (I think.)

    However, I’m going to wait a month or so to meme again. I want to keep my fans waiting, haha.

    Have a good Labor Day weekend!


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