Help out one of my favorite ministries, please!

I got this in my e-mail today. I have been to a couple of the Hearts At Home conferences and they are WONDERFUL. They are truly a ministry devoted to helping moms. Please consider helping them out by voting for them so they can get new office equipment. You can vote once a day starting on August 27. Below is the email message. If you find another worthy non-profit in the listing, then please go ahead and support them. I am voting for Hearts At Home because of all that they do to help support moms.

Help Hearts Win A Makeover August 24, 2007

Hearts at Home needs your help! But DON’T send money!
We are participating in a “Make My Non-Profit Run Better” contest for a chance to win an office technology makeover valued at $30,000 from RK Dixon, a Midwest office technology company. This is a great opportunity for Hearts at Home, as it would take years for us to raise this amount of money to update our office computers and copiers. This makeover is something we desperately need, and it would allow us to be more efficient and effective and ultimately serve you and thousands of other moms better.

How can you help? Simply by voting online–no financial donations are necessary! The more votes we receive, the better chance we have to win. Here’s how: Go to and vote for Hearts at Home beginning August 27. You can vote once per day until September 5. The first round of voting will determine the top 5 organizations. If we make it in the top 5, we’ll let you know about the second round of voting that will take place September 17-September 24.

Please forward this to your friends and family who would be willing to vote for us too. Every vote counts!

Happy voting and thank you for your support!

Lisa Reilly
Mother of 3

Phone: (309) 828-MOMS


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