Adventures in raising twins

It is so hard to balance attention with both boys. Especially when one boy needs more attention than the other most of the time, and now the other boy is getting the picture that the attention scale is very unbalanced. 

 Lately we’ve had our share of stormy weather. It has rained almost every day this week. My one son, Casey, who is on the autism spectrum, LOVES the weather, but is equally frightened by it lately. He will constantly look out the window to check out the clouds to see what kind of clouds they are, and he’ll also check out his favorite websites for weather to see what the current conditions are in our area (and in other areas of the US).

For the boys’ 6th birthday, we got Casey a weather radio, which honestly I love having because since we live out in the country, we don’t get the tornado siren warnings from the city. It has been a mixed blessing this week to have it, though. That weather alarm has gone off a few times and it has made Casey jump out of his skin. I tell him that everything is going to be OK, and that we’re in the safest place to be (our house), and that I will make sure he’s going to be safe. But, no matter what consoling and confirmation I try to do, it still doesn’t make a difference. He’s sitting in front of the computer, chewing on his nails, looking at the forecast and warnings.

I’ve asked him “Don’t you want to be a meterologist when you want to grow up?” He’ll enthusiastically say “Yes”. Then I remind him “you can’t be afraid if you’re going to be a meterologist. Do you think that any of the Weather Channel meteorologists get afraid?” He’ll think about it and say no. But still… it’s so hard when your passion is also your fear.


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  1. This may backfire, but it actually helped Austin. I told him to count between the lightning and the boom and that will tell you how many miles away the storm is.

    Now he looks forward to counting.

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