Do you got your game face on?

I don’t know about most parents of children with special needs, but I always feel like I have to have my game face on. I’m constantly feeling like I’m put on the defense to defend for my son’s rights to his education. I am his manager in making sure that his services are being met, goals are being achieved, and people are doing their jobs they way they are supposed to. Then I am a therapist on my own because I’m continually trying out new things to see if they work, or staying with the proven methods because I know they work.  I go play by play literally between meltdowns, run interference between him and his twin brother (oy, today’s fiasco at the birthday party was awful… they were fighting over a floating raft), and am usually putting someone in time out for their behavior. I have to have a game plan for every minute of every day because if I don’t, things fall apart very quickly.

I’m exhausted being totally in the game. I need the complete rule book of autism so I can be a better coach.


3 responses

  1. I feel for you! I’m glad you are willing to fight for your kid! I understand that it is hard and tiring, but keep doing what you are doing. No one else will do a better job than you!!

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