Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. Lead Foot

I got pulled over for speeding today. 😦 I’m so incredibly ticked at myself. I was running late for class (it’s an 1.5 hour drive to where my class is), and I didn’t really know I was going that fast. I honestly thought I was still in a 55 MPH zone… well….. it wasn’t. It was a 45 MPH.

Guess how fast Lead Foot was going?  Fourteen over (double 😦 ). At least the police officer wrote me up for only going 5 over. My reward?A ticket worth $100.00 and two points on my license. Ouch.

I walked into class, holding the ticket in my hand, and announced to my professor, “It just goes to show how much I love you, I got a speeding ticket rushing to get to your class.”


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