Homework, homework, and more homework…

Now onto my next job- graduate school homework. I have a project due tomorrow. It’s an integrated curriculum, from which we have to base our project from the book Creating Standards-Based Integrated Curriculum by Susan M. Drake. It’s a very well-written book and I highly recommend fellow teachers to read it if they want to understand better how to develop an integrated curriculum. It goes step-by-step on how to develop an integrated curriculum, and is very detailed in its methodology. Thankfully, I have most of the project done from a previous project that I am retooling for this one.

 This weekend I have class up north, and I have 5 assignments due: a chapter summary of two chapters, a summary of IEP experience interviews, 3 PLAAFP (Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance) sample statements, an IEP monitoring system, and an IEP review. I have one chapter read for the chapter summaries. I’ve completed the IEP review. I have almost all the interviews done, and just need to write up the summary. I’ve been researching how to write effective PLAAFPs, so I should be able to crank those out easily.  The monitoring system is going to be my biggest hurdle since I am not really sure how to go about this. There are so many different ways to monitor progress on an IEP (Individual Education Plan), but I need to find a system that will work for me.

I plan on “closing this place down” tonight- meaning the library…. I remember when I used to close the bars down! LOL Sigh… ah, the undergraduate days…..


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