Roller coaster feelings

Boy, when you’re up you’re up and when it goes down, it really goes down. It has been one heck of a week here.

Jeff did really well on his interview and got the job. We now just have to wait for HR to do their thing, and hopefully everything will. Jeff’s first day of full time work will be August 1. I’ll breathe a huge sigh of relief when I see the first paycheck. I’m still holding my breath until then.

It has been so bloody hot here lately that I haven’t been able to take the boys outside to play. Now with our annual camping week coming up (yes, the huge family reunion at Glennie), they’ll have lots of time to play outside with their cousins. I’m hoping that next week won’t be so hot and humid. If it is, we’ll just be spending most of our time in the lake.

Now for the downers….. I used to be a part of the Big Rapids MOTC after the boys were born. I became good friends with one of the moms, but after I quit the club we fell out of touch. She and her older daughter, April, would come over often and visit me and the boys. I found out last week that April had died from an epileptic seizure at home. She wasn’t even graduated from college yet, and had plans to get married this summer. I was so heartbroken when I found that out. She was such a nice kid, always was helping her mom (who also has epilepsy), and was such a hard worker at school. I know that I should make contact with the former friend out of respect for April, but also because of the bond we share as moms. I cannot imagine (well, yes I can since Kerry was so sick with RSV when he was a baby) losing a child.

The other downer is that another good friend of mine from twins club is getting a divorce. I would have never imagined that to happen, but after what she had told me, I hope he leaves soon and the sooner the better. I feel so bad for her and the kids, but the thing that really makes me proud of her (I’m incredibly proud of her in the first place since she is a mom to 5 kids) is that she has found her inner strength and is defending herself. It is not easy to have such a huge crisis like a divorce affect your life, but she is handling it with such grace and strength that I am in awe of her. Granted, everyone has good days and bad days, but I know that she tries hard to find a way to make a bad day good.

On another good note, I finally got all of my paperwork done with the prescription assistance people at our doctor’s office. She was able to get all of my medications FREE!!!!! I was so happy about that. I went in Friday to sign all the paperwork and soon I’ll be receiving my medicine for my asthma and depression. Since they base it on last year’s salary, I should be OK for receiving the medicine until the end of the year. Wooo hoooooooo

I have been so tired lately. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the heat or the fact that I’ve been out of my Wellbutrin for a couple of weeks. Today I took a 3.5 hour nap, and I’m ready to go to sleep again. Depression or heat? You decide……

Tomorrow Jeff has a lot of work to do before we start getting ready for the camping trip. Since we don’t have the van fixed, we’re going to be hauling a very limited amount of camping gear in the Jimmy. Usually we load up the van from floor to ceiling, so it will be interesting to see how we do in our minimalist mode.

Hopefully tomorrow won’t be so hot and I can take the boys to the park so they can play and “run the stink off”. I have a ton of stuff to do as well, like getting this house clean! I have been slacking off on that and I need to get back into gear on keeping up with things. I really think that my sleepiness has a factor in it since I am so tired. I guess I should be getting out the exercise tapes and do some exercise in the mornings (okay, you can get up off the floor from laughing and clean off the computer screen from spitting out your coffee from laughing at the thought of me getting up in the morning to exercise).

And on that note, I should be heading off to bed….


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