Waiting, waiting, and more waiting… Jeff’s interview is going to be on the 14th next week. Hopefully he will get this job- full time with benefits- and end these past two years of constant stress and worry over finances and survival. This weekend he is going to work on his porfolio and prepare for the interview. It is going to be a rough week because when he is stressed out, my stress level goes through the roof as well. I told him that I have to find my Rosary so I can start praying a novena (yes, and it would be good to start going to Church again! LOL)

We have so much stuff to do around here. The farmers came last month and plowed around our house so we can finally have a lawn. Jeff’s dad is going to come next week and help landscape our property so we can plant our grass seed, hopefully plant some trees and bushes, and get this place looking more like a home than a redneck palace. It would be nice, too, to get rid of a broken-down car….. but that’s another rant and story.

The “new” used truck that we got from Jeff’s grandpa is a decent truck. Got Jeff home in one piece, and I was pretty happy about that. Then the day after we went to get the truck, Jeff’s dad calls and talks to me (Jeff was working). He tells me that the brake lines are bad in the truck and there’s about a 3 inch play in the steering wheel. Good thing I didn’t know about that on the way home… I would have been a nervous wreck. Supposedly, these repairs are minor (brake lines are MINOR?!?!?!) and shouldn’t cost too much.

So, now we really can’t use the truck until we get it fixed. I am DYING to get this basement cleaned out of my junk. Yes, I do admit that about 90% of the stuff that is down there is mine and still in boxes from when I lived in Texas. I moved back from Houston 8 years ago. Pathetic that I can’t get my butt downstairs to clean things out. Once I get all of that stuff gone, I will have space, freedom….. TIME to fix up my craft room. Yes, time… that ever-elusive thing of which we all want more, can’t believe how fast it flies, and sometimes wish we had time to do something over again.

I’m going to be on pins and needles next week. Hopefully I won’t go too nuts.


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  1. Hey – you know the “rule” — if you haven’t needed it in a year (ESPECIALLY if it’s still packed in a box!) then you DON’T NEED IT. Have Jeff haul those boxes up out of the basement & to the curb for trash day. Or have a huge bonfire. DOITDOITDOIT….

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