the boys have their licenses to drive me crazy

This morning started out very nicely. Everyone was in a good mood, the boys were so nice to each other.

Then breakfast came. I usually ask the boys what they want to eat, and I will either hear the same answer for both of them, or hear two different requests. Today it was the latter. Kerry wanted eggs and Casey wanted cereal. Oh wait, let me back up. Kerry at first wanted honey and toast, but since we were out of bread, he settled for scrambled eggs.

I make up the eggs, pour the cereal, and get the boys at the table. Not even one minute after I plated the eggs I hear from the living room, “Momma, I changed my mind. I don’t want eggs.” Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I went silently in my head. I informed Kerry that he wanted eggs and I made eggs and he will eat them. Then the meltdowns started…whining, crying, “I want cereal, I don’t want eggs”. Sigh.

This went on for 1 1/2 hours. He did eventually eat some eggs, but not all of them. After telling him repeatedly “if you don’t eat we won’t have time to go to the park before we go shopping”, he STILL wouldn’t eat. I called Jeff so he could share in the fun that I was having. Finally I decided that enough was enough and we were leaving for town. Oh the crying that ensued when I threw out the eggs and told Kerry that it was time to go, that we had sat at the table long enough. And, no we weren’t going the park, and no, I wasn’t going to buy them ice cream at Meijer’s, and no, we are just shopping for things that we need- NO MORE TOYS.

To my relief, Casey was so good. He was so helpful and did what he was told the first time I told him to do it. This is a huge change from the regular repeat-myself-until-I’m-blue-in-the-face Casey. Jeff and I think it’s because Kerry was in so much trouble that Casey would use this to his advantage and get extra positive attention.

We went to WalMart first to get sundry items- trash bags, lotions, etc. Amazingly, the boys were very well behaved at WalMart. When we got to Meijer, things started to change. I did have the foresight to give them a snack before we went into Meijer so that they wouldn’t be hungry while grocery shopping.

The boys were so giddy, playing, trying to rough-house on the bench cart (and whenever this happens someone always gets hurt). But, to their credit, they did help out a lot in the produce section, picking out onions, bananas, peppers, cabbages and other vegetables. I was quite proud of them. They are learning so much about how to look for a fresh piece of fruit or vegetable.

I did manage to get through the store without resorting to time outs, but honestly I was so tired by the time check-out time rolled around that my patience was very thin.

We got home later than I had wanted to, so we had a small snack/ abbreviated lunch. They are right now watching PBS Kids while I take a little break. Skipping nap usually means early bedtime- yeah!!!!

The boys were talking about what they were going to be able to do when they are bigger, like drive their own cars, check out their own movies, shop and buy what they want. I told them that they already had their drivers licenses- the one to drive me crazy. They thought that was pretty funny and started making driving sounds and saying “look, Momma’s up on the wall”

It’s hard to keep a sense of humor, but I know it’s better than getting all upset. Just wish I could remember that at the moment that something happens.


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